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The Key to A Blessed Marriage

Being a woman who has worked in the computer science field, I have always been in the minority in college and the workplace. Even though I had many options available to me, I decided early on that my future husband had to have similar values about Christian faith, marriage, and family. Therefore, I equipped myself with the ability to share the Gospel to anyone who was interested in me.

I first met my husband at a fellowship in a church. At that time, he was not baptized yet. He thought that once he had prayed the prayer of following God, then he was qualified to pursue me. When I asked him some basic questions regarding his Christian faith, he was unable to answer. He saw how important Christian faith was to me, and he became serious. He started studying the Bible more, got baptized, and became actively involved with the church.

After two years of dating, we got married. We came from completely different family backgrounds. Our families were not equal in social status. I came from a loving Christian family with nine children. My husband was raised as a single child by just his mother. His parents separated when he was three years of age. His father never returned until he was in college, while his mother was battling cancer. She passed away during his Sophomore year. My husband said that if he had not become a Christian, he would have resented his father for life. He would have blamed his father for his mother’s death. He would not have been able to forgive his father for being so irresponsible towards his family.

The reason that I decided to marry my husband was his heart-felt words: “First, why can’t a person who grew up in a broken family have a happy healthy marriage? I can’t choose my parents, but I can learn  from their mistakes and be a good husband and father. Second, please do not put your trust in me. I am a sinner and I have weaknesses. Please pray for me often. I am a child of God. If I turn the wrong way, He will discipline me. Let us pursue God hand-in-hand and strive to build a Christ-centered home.”
After experiencing God’s unconditional love, my husband tried to overcome the bitterness and resentment in his heart. God slowly changed his heart towards his father from hatred to love. Over the course of thirty years of walking in faith, we have prayed for his father continuously. Then, just a few years ago, he decided to follow the Lord. How Amazing! My husband and I both experienced God’s amazing guidance. He has prepared a “what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” partner for each of us. Although we are so different, we are nonetheless best suited for each other.

The key to our blessed marriage is that we both uphold our faith in our lives. With God’s love and promises, we entered marriage courageously. With God’s help, we accept the differences between us and turn destructive quarrels into constructive discussions. With God’s perspective, we see our differences as enrichment in our lives. Therefore, prepare yourself first to be right with God, and He will prepare you to be a suitable person for marriage. Do not rush into marriage just for the sake of being married. Let God help you find the right person, then you will have a blessed and healthy marriage.