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Facing Fears of being in a Romantic Relationship

Singles who are afraid of being in a romantic relationship can be categorized as follows:

1) Fear of Commitment

These singles desire to be in a relationship but are afraid of being hurt; afraid of being vulnerable to someone and not receiving the same response; afraid of being used by others or taken advantage of; afraid of making commitments; afraid of being abandoned. Abandonment is the ultimate form of refusal, especially for those who have been abandoned before; their hearts may have a fear of being abandoned, preventing them from making such commitments. Everyone has a fear of commitment, but their fear is not great enough to stop them from wanting to seek companionship. Overcoming this fear of commitment can help us examine our romantic intentions, taking the right steps towards growth.

2) Fear of Rejection

Typically, women are slow-paced when it comes to romance, while men treat it as a mission, striving to confess their feelings as soon as possible, usually scaring away their target. Some men suddenly disappear from their relationships, causing women to get hurt. Some are indecisive, dragging out a relationship and revealing their flaws. Some people may think that the next one will be better, so for many individuals who missed their ideal age for marriage, their heart is conflicted. I suggest participating in singles events for Christians to better understand romantic relationships.

3) Fear of Intimacy

When men date women, they always present their best sides. However, when things become too intimate, they worry that their flaws will surface, resulting in rejection. My husband and I met at fellowship and became serving volunteers. In fellowship, there are many opportunities for people to interact transparently.

Ahava Loves provides guidance teachers; if you encounter any problems in your relationship, you are more than welcome to ask them for their support. They would gladly take time to listen to and resolve your struggles. If you participate in the pre-marital classes, you will help yourself become a better candidate for marriage. We hope every member can find a marriage full of blessings through Ahava Loves.