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Those over the age of 20 can register as a member. This includes those unmarried and remarrying (divorced and widowed); people of different religious beliefs and ethnicities can also register.

When a member completes the personal info and matching questionnaire, the system will use the information provided to perform the matching process and immediately create a matching list of up to 5 candidates.

Please check 1) Whether your information provided is complete. 2)Whether the selection criteria you’ve entered is too narrow. 3) There is no one that fits your criteria within the database at the current time.

With the matched listing, you can invite another person to become friends. The other person can accept, decline, or delete your friend invite. Accepting the friend invite means you two can enter a personal chatroom. Declining is only for this one-time friend invite; you can still send another friend invite. Deleting means the other person will never be in your matching list again.

Before starting a one-on-one relationship, if you are not happy with the five people in your matched list, you can delete the matched contacts and the system will automatically refill the list with up to five contacts again. From the five, you may only choose three to engage in video chatting, if you find the person to be incompatible, if you’re within the paid time period, you can be rematched.

If you invite someone to be a friend, there are two possible situations. 1) The other person didn’t pay their monthly fee, thus cannot accept and chat with you. 2) The other person does not want to accept. When friend invites are not replied to within 48 hours and the invite has been sent 5 times, then the system will temporarily stop matching and at the next login time, membership payment must be made before participating in matching again.

There is no charge for registration to become a member. However, in order to have a matching list you must be a matching member. All matching members have 7 days of free matching membership. As a business, the basic matching membership fee is $29 USD. It can be paid monthly, every 3 month, every 6 month, or every year. Long-term matching members have different deals and discounts. Please see the website for details. Regarding strategic alliance and becoming a partner service provider, there are also discounts and the matching member price will be different according to different member regions around the world.

This is a global service with support for English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. The system has pre-marital classes, guidance counsellor consultations, living location specification, faith discovery classes, blessed marriage classes, with professionals reviewing and revising the matching algorithm and questionnaire. The service provided strives for accuracy and is built upon the core values of a marriage. For all members entering one-on-one relationships through the system, we will follow-up and confirm the relationship status.

Blessed Marriage Trilogy is for the common single men and women and includes material relating to meeting, choosing, and being in a romantic relationship with a possible spouse.

Re-marriage Guidance Course is required for those who were divorced or were widowed before entering into the matching process.

The Blessed Marriage Courses are for men and women who has been matched or are in a long-term relationship:

  • 1) Romance Course., Teaches you how to engage in a romance and what to talk about while in a romance.
  • 2) Pre-marital Course, Helps affirm the relationship, from the initial romancing to the present, whether to enter a marriage.
  • 3) Pre-marital Preparation Course, Prepares you for marriage.

All registered members can participate in the Christian faith discovery classes, which uses several different approaches to reveal this faith.

When members register for the service, they must accept an agreement to enter information truthfully. If the information provided is found to be false, their membership will be suspended. The service provides a reporting channel and through information analysis, does audits of information at irregular intervals. Interviews with members are also conducted if deemed necessary.

After pairing is done and one-on-one chatroom has started, only then will the members see each other’s contact information through the service. It is a very safe management mechanism. If you privately exchange contact information, it will encourage the person to engage in relationship with multiple people at the same time, which violates the service agreement and is not permitted.