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Where Is The Root Of Love?

Are people in romantic relationships still friends? According to the research revealed in “Too Close Too Soon”, it takes an average of 300 hours or 7 months of steady emotional development to increase the chances of a successful marriage. After a breakup, it usually takes half-a-year for the wounds to completely heal. Once a relationship…

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The Key to A Blessed Marriage

Being a woman who has worked in the computer science field, I have always been in the minority in college and the workplace. Even though I had many options available to me, I decided early on that my future husband had to have similar values about Christian faith, marriage, and family. Therefore, I equipped myself with the ability to share the Gospel to anyone who was interested in me.

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From Dating to Marriage

Hello, members of Ahava Loves! I am sure you must be excited and are looking forward to finding a suitable partner for marriage here. Are you currently enjoying the single life or feeling lonely? Do you think about how you will choose a suitable spouse? After 34 years of marriage and multiple years of involvement in “marriage and family ministries”, I would like to share a few experiences with you.

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