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In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for singles to meet and find a partner. We believe that people are meant to be in pairs, and so our initial idea was to build a safe and reliable dating and pastoral platform for singles. However, we realized that we not only wanted to match men and women, but also help matches navigate their relationships with our consultation and guides, with the goal of finding a suitable partner for marriage. Thus, Ahava Loves was born.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help single men and women establish a happy marriage and family. We believe that marriage is a harmonious relationship built between one man and woman, as one husband and wife, with one heart, for a lifetime.

Our Vision

Our Team

Ahava Loves
2020 Toronto

Ahava Loves started in Toronto, Canada, near the end of 2020. In addition to the board of directors, we have formed working teams in North America, including computer system analysts, marriage and family counseling professionals, seasoned counseling and pastoral staff, university professors, marriage and family experts, and scholars. They have contributed with their years of professional research in their respective fields, forming a team of voluntary professional consultants that is the driving force behind the continuous improvements to Ahava Loves. Their work and efforts into Ahava Loves is greatly appreciated.

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Accurte Match System.

Use our website page to register. The APP will be launched on the App Store soon, and you can download it to register after it is online.

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Complete Personal Profile

Log in to the APP, complete personal information, such as personal data and upload photos.

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Matching Information

Complete matching information: fill in "expected partner" and "matching questionnaire".

Matching Questionnaire 60%
Paid $30 USD, and match

After completing the matching information, members need to be purchased for the matching. The system will calculate and list the 5 best matches that suit you best.

Purchase Membership 80%
Choose dating partner

System generates five matched profiles. The member can choose three to chat online and eventually decide on one to proceed.

Membership Service

Members services: including pre-marital education, matching, dating follow-up, and pre-marriage counseling. Some services require additional fees.